Blogged: Album 2 recording update

September 1, 2018

I have been working carefully on my second album for what feels like a really (REALLY) a long time now. Music is not a completely full time thing for me and along with being completely self funded, I have had to plan this second album project really carefully to complete around life and other projects. I am delighted that I have now completely finished it and now comes the next stage of releasing it which I am not going to rush into. I have really learnt over the years that projects like this come in stages e.g. writing, planning, recordings, evaluating, mixing, mastering and then releasing (there are loads of other stages too!)
Wild Sound Recordings, ran by the wonderful Polly Paulusma released my first album and various other releases, have been very good to me but this album I will be releasing this album myself. Polly is no longer running the label and we are still very good friends, she also continues to be a wonderful support to me and my music.
So I will be releasing this in 2019 which is exciting! I’m very proud of this album.