A cold evening in the studio…

January 21, 2011

On Wednesday evening I headed back over to Chris’ Studio. The jobs for the evening were to listen through the cello parts we created in the last session, recording a bass line for Gunfight and recording the extra parts for The Whole Picture.

I arrived to find the studio was really quite cold. It is a converted garage, a very posh one but it doesn’t have heating! I kept my big coat on for quite a while! Chris showed me some of the new plugins he had for his mac which included an upright piano which sounded amazing! We loaded up Left to Hide and had a listen. Sounded great. This is a song written quite a long time ago when I used to play in Lowdrive and back then it was a pretty loud rock song. Over time is has changed and found a new life that is the song you will hear on the ep. I was really happy with how it sounded and so we emailed it off to Pete. Pete is a friend of mine who plays cello. More about him soon! Job one done!

We loaded up Gunfight, this is an Atlum Schema song that I am covering! I started messing about on the bass and came up with something ok. What has been brilliant about recording with Chris is that he constantly makes suggestions and improvements to the parts and the way I’m playing. We settled on a nice, almost walking bassline. I managed to nail it pretty quickly. Job number two done! Time for a cup of tea!

We then started work on The Whole Picture which is the lead track on the ep. I wanted to add some simple melody lines to give the song some interesting additional parts. Rachel and I had demoed some ideas on my iPhone so we had a listen to them. Chris played some great keys parts but it just wasn’t working, something just didn’t sit right with the song. I suggested we followed the bassline through alot of the song which really worked. We recorded some glockenspiel sounds and a piano sound. Be great to listen to it in the next session.

I’m really looking forward to the next session as Pete is coming to record the cello parts! Can’t wait!! I’ve written this blog on my iPhone! Amazing!