April 6, 2012

Last Friday I played at one of my favourite nights, DITCH THE TV, in my home town of Coventry. Ditch the TV is  faithfully ran every month by a lovely man called Malc who is really dedicated to live music (and has been for over 3 years!). I love playing at the night as the audience are always really attentive and appreciative. I had booked this gig ages ago, perhaps even a year ago, so I was excited when it finally came time for it! The lovely welsh folk popsters PAPER AEROPLANES and local singer songwriter DAVID SANDERS were also playing.

I headed over to Rach’s house to pick her up and as often happens, she wasn’t quite ready!! If you were at the gig you’ll know why as we shared the story! Anyway, we headed over to the venue which is only about ten minutes from Rach’s place. The Maudslay is a big traditional looking pub with a large upstairs room. We headed upstairs and met up with Malc and enjoyed the last part of Paper Aeroplane’s soundcheck. It was then our turn and we tried out ‘Lantern’, one of our brand new songs, which worked well and so we were happy. I set up the merch case and put out the flyers. Then people started arriving. It was great to see some old faces and people from the mailing list. It is very heart warming when people travel to come to gigs. Pretty quickly the place filled up and Malc welcomed us on stage.

We really enjoyed our set and felt very welcomed by the audience. We played some older songs as well as the three new songs, ‘Chasing the Night’, ‘Eyes Form Tears’ and ‘Lantern’ and it was brilliant to get the lovely feedback about the songs. Me and Rach enjoyed the on stage banter and then headed off stage to speak to lots of people.

David Sanders is an old friend and it was good to see him play again as it had been ages. I really do like his voice and he has some very special songs. His voice reminded Rach of James Dean Bradfield from the Manic Street Preachers, not bad thing! After David it was the turn of Paper Aeroplanes, however just as they were about to go on stage a older gentleman by the name of Little John was welcomed to the stage by Malc as a surprised guest! He played two songs on his ukelele that got the whole audience singing along! After an unexpected, but charming act, Paper Aeroplanes finally took to the stage. They were joined by John Parker, of NIZLOPI fame, on double bass. They played a brilliant set to a very receptive audience. John’s double bass playing complimented the delicate guitar playing and gorgeous vocals brilliantly.

After chatting to more people it was finally time for the very short journey home! Thank you to everyone for a wonderful night! Thank you to Richard Harrison for these fantastic photos and this lovely REVIEW…