October 28, 2013



Things have been a hive of activity recently as we get ready for the release of our debut album. It’s a feeling that we’ve not experience before, the feeling of releasing an album. We have released eps but this is different. It’s different because its taken 18 months to write the songs, 6 months to record them and then a good few months getting the artwork ready. We are incredibly proud of what we have made and for me the fact we have made 10 songs is enough. Anything that comes after that is a bonus really. I’ve read many times about how artists describe the releasing of an album a bit like having a child and it is slightly, only without all the pain and sleepless nights! But as we get very close to the point where the album goes public it is very exciting. We are going to be selling the album at live shows from this week. We hope you like it as much as we do.