A house show and wedding folk singer…

August 3, 2011

About a year ago a lovely lady called Lynne ‘liked’ my Facebook page after finding my cover of ‘You Got the Love‘ on YouTube. Her and her fiancé Dominic wanted the song as their first dance at their wedding and really loved my version. I was very touched when they asked if I had a recording of it. Sadly I didn’t but offered to record it for them before the wedding.

Over the next 9 months or so I exchanged various emails with Lynne and discovered what a wonderful couple they are. So I decided to offer to go to the wedding and play the song live for their first dance. Again, after lots of emails we worked everything out, including playing a few songs during the welcome drinks through a battery powered amp! I also decided to get in touch with my friend Jess Morgan about maybe coming to play a house show at her home the night before, as she lived in the same general area of the wedding.

So the day came and I set off on the drive to Norwich which was pretty straight forward apart from an accident on the A14 which delayed my journey by about an hour! I arrived at Jess’ house and got everything sorted. She had invited various friends over and made her room look amazing, even including a mainstage sign! After many times of trying I eventually connected to her wifi to be able to stream her house show. People started arriving and Jess played a couple of songs to start the night off. Jess is a brilliant singer songwriter and the couple of songs she played tonight were wonderful. Jess’ good friend Gren Bartley then played a couple of songs. I have shared the stage with Gren a couple of times in Coventry and he is a stunning guitarist. Lovely folk / blues songs with gentle clever guitar lines. Really, really lovely.

I then set up the webstream which was fun as people got to listen to the party and then watch me waiting around for a while! I played two sets which included my cover of ‘You Got the Love’ and the song I have recently written for my sister’s wedding ‘Love’s Tale’. Here is a little video of it:

After the gig we sat around chatting, drinking a few glasses of wine and eating too many pringles! It was a grand time.

After a good nights sleep I had a jam and toast breakfast and got all my stuff together. I thanked Jess and headed off to the wedding. It was a quite a long drive down country roads but I found it in good time. When I arrived at the hotel I headed to the reception as I was meant to be collecting a little battery powered amp called a Roland Microcube. This was because Lynne wanted me to play during the drinks reception which wasn’t going to be near any mains power. Thankfully, Keith, the man in charge of the day had got everything under control. I collected the amp and headed out to where I was going to be playing. Before I had set off on the Friday I had realised that in an email I had been told that the amp only had one input. This was going to be a problem as I needed my guitar and vocal mic plugged in. I had popped in to Maplin on the way and purchased a little battery powered mixer, however when I got the amp it did actually have two inputs so it was all fine! Phew!

I played for about an hour, singing my songs and some of my YouTube covers. It was a really enjoyable set. Lynne came to say hello, which was really lovely of her considering she was so busy. Lynne’s Mum and Dad came to introduce themselves and thanked me for coming. It was all very lovely indeed! After I played I headed to the bar area of the hotel and had an amazing pasta and salad meal! Yummy! I started editing some of the video blog after my meal as I wasn’t playing the first dance until 7.30pm.

With plenty of time to spare I headed back over the main reception to meet up with Lee who was doing the disco. He set up his gear and after the speeches had finished we set my sound up. After various challenges of getting it all right we were all set. The guests came out of the main meal and headed for drinks and a bit of a chill. Lynne and Dominic cut their cake and then Lee announced the first dance. I felt really quite honoured to be playing such a special song for them and all the traveling was worth while after seeing the smiles on their faces. Afterwards I grabbed a quick, packed away and said my goodbyes. A very special day which was made even more memorable by the stunning sunset on the way home. A grand trip! I hope you enjoy the video blog below…