May 6, 2013
I’m currently writing this in the back of Rach’s car as we drive back to Coventry. We have been to support Polly Paulusma at Hot Numbers Coffee house in Cambridge. It was a bit of a celebrating gig of our signing to Wild Sounds Recording and also an opportunity for Polly and ourselves to record the whole show for future releases!
Before we headed to Cambridge in the late afternoon, we picked up some cheese poughmans sandwiches from Tesco (this was a theme for the gig!). On route we got stuck in various traffic jams but thankfully we weren’t too delayed and got the venue with plenty of time to spare. Cambridge is such a lovely place full of gorgeous houses, bohemian shops and people on bikes. Hot Number is a perfect little venue. A Coffee house and art gallery with a small space for musicians to perform in. It was great to see Polly again and chat about our plans. We soundchecked pretty quickly and waited for the venue to fill up. Hot Numbers sold a wonderful variety of hot and cold drinks and the most delicious looking (and tasting!) cakes.
Our set went well. We had a couple of technical issues which are all part of gigs, but the audience were very patient and generous with their attention. We play lots of newer songs as well as ‘The Power of Love’ and a few older songs. After we played it was lovely to chat to people from the audience. Thank you for all your kind words.
Polly simply played a blinder. A couple of her songs really do touch my soul and she is a wonderful performer. I feel very humbled to be working with her on our music.
On our way back we stopped off for more food. Guess what I got? Yes, more cheese ploughmans sandwiches! I am a veggie and the choice was somewhat limited!
Anyway, it’s getting late and Rach is making good time in getting back to Coventry. Thanks again Cambridge! Thanks for CAROLINE WALKER for the photos of us!