January 25, 2012

Last week I returned to Taylor John’s House in Coventry to play at their Wednesday acoustic night. I was really looking forward to the gig at Chris Tye was also playing and I hadn’t seen Chris actually play before. In fact it had been ages since I had seen him in person even though we talk alot on the interweb. I arrived at Taylor John’s and met up with Rachel who was singing with me at the gig. As we walked into the venue we listened to Chris and his band soundchecking. It sounded brilliant. We grabbed a quick soundcheck, chatted to Drew who was looking after the sound and set up my digital recorder on the desk to record the gig.

The first act on with Neil Ward who goes under the name Two Fathoms. He played a lovely set of heart felt songs which had a folk rock style to them. He reminded me and Rachel of Frank Turner, which can only be a good thing! Neil had some brilliant lyrics and one that has stuck in my head ever since the gig is “You make my rough edges smooth” or something like that. Lovely! Do check him out: www.twofathoms.co.uk

Chris Tye played next and was accompanied by drums, double bass and female harmonies. Chris has such as lovely sweet voice (not meaning to make him sound like a chior boy!) and songs that carry you away to a comforting place. He is a very talented songwriter and it was brilliant to finally see him live. New York City Rain was one the highlights of the site for me. Here is it as filmed by Paul from MICROSTU:

Do have a look at Chris’ FACEBOOK PAGE and head to his BANDCAMP site to buy his lovely 6 track EP.

After Chris it was our turn. We really enjoyed the set because it had been a while since the last time we sang a complete set like this. We included an older song Stopclock in the set which went down really well. I had a funny moment half way through when I completely lost my pick, thankfully I found it in the end (thank you to Neil who nearly saved me though!). Here is OPEN from our set which was recorded by Paul from MICROSTU:

It was a lovely evening and Taylor John’s House in quickly becoming one of my favourite places to play. A big thank you to everyone who came down and it was great to meet some lovely new people. Here are a couple of photos which were take by RUSSELL WHITEHEAD PHOTOGRAPHY: