A night at The Nursery Tavern…

January 15, 2011

Last night I played my first gig for ages (the Ego gigs are a bit different) at the Nursery Tavern in Coventry. I had not been to the venue before and had a quick look on my phone before I left, however I still managed to turn up the wrong road. After a few U-turns I finally arrived and managed to just about find car park space on the street. I walked into the pub and headed for the back room or at least what I thought was the backroom! It was actually a cupboard! Thankful an old man pointed me in the right direction! After I short sound check I got myself a drink and waited around to play. Elaine, the promoter, had created a wonderful space to play in with about six rows of chairs set up for people to sit and watch in the backroom of the bar. I really enjoyed playing my set which was mainly the newer songs. I messed up the words a little on ‘Something Worth Keeping’ but as it’s pretty new to most people I don’t no one really noticed! I included my cover of Starry Eyed which went ok. I did have a funny moment during the set where I wasn’t sure where I’d put my plectrum but after searching my pockets I did find it! I enjoyed wearing my hat, although I did get rather hot wearing it!


After my set three other acts played including a folk vocal group called Threepenny bit. I’d never really seen such traditional folk before but it was very enjoyable. Some of the songs were very funny and some dated back many, many years. Carly Ryder played next and she was filling in got Daniel Dawson who sadly couldn’t make it. Her first song was called lightbulb and was about being a loghtbulb and how you can’t fix a broken lightbulb with a stich! Brilliant song. unfortunately she only played three songs.



Next up was a called John Shepard who played some amazing guitar with loops in a blues and jazz style. He went down very well with the audience. A great night of live music. You should go and check the night out soon!