A Saturday afternoon house show…

June 29, 2011

A couple of Saturdays ago I played a lovely house show for J. When I first offered the idea of coming to play in people’s front rooms J was one of the first people to respond. So after we arrange d the date I couldn’t wait to go and play for her. The day came and I set off from my house for the journey to J’s house in the afternoon. Her house wasn’t too long a drive but my car was full of various bits of equipment as I was going to record the audio from the gig as well as stream the gig! Lots of J’s family live over in America and she wanted them to be able to see it. I arrived at her home fairly easily after a quick call to find her actual house!

Her house was lovely and the perfect size for a house show. Guy, J’s boyfriend had borrowed a small PA system just to help the gig sound! I set up all the equipment and people started arriving. J was the perfect host, introducing each set of guests as they arrived. Then Guy played a short set of some great rock tunes on the beautiful Rickenbacker guitar that J owned. Between sets we shared some food which various people had made; Cous Cous, mixed salads, fresh breads and other amazing dishes! A real treat! I got the streaming and recording all set and waited for my 7pm stage time.

I really enjoyed the set because the intimacy of a house show is something very special. The online audience was my biggest to date which was really exciting. It was great staying around after the show sharing delicious chocolate cakes and some incredible puns and jokes! After all the jokes had finally finished I packed away all my gear and said my goodbyes.

My soundtrack on the way home was the best of Jellyfish which I had not listened to for ages! Good times all round. Thanks to J for being a wonderful host! Here are two of the songs from the night (my mistake it was June and not July haha!!):