June 26, 2012

Picture this…It’s a warm June evening, you’re heading to Taylor Johns House (One of Coventry’s greatest music venues to appear in recent years!) to hear some fine folk tunes from The Fallows and a little duo called Stylusboy, and…Yes that’s right…AND well known singer/songwriter Polly Paulusma.  What a great day for you!  If you weren’t there on the night, you missed out…fortunately for you, I’m going to give you a run down…aren’t I nice?!


Steve and I got there early to soundcheck and meet up with Polly.  I made us a scrumptious summer tea (That’s the northerness in me coming out!) of avocado, mozzarella and cherry tomato salad…Plus a fruit salad! We decided to leave this until after we’d sound checked.  The sound check ran into a few little technical hitches and as these things sometimes do which meant we were left without a lot of time. I rushed home got changed and came flying back for 8pm doors!  I manned the merchandise stand – and sneakily ate salad, whilst watching familiar faces (and some new faces) appear.  It wasn’t long before the The Fallows opened the evening…

The Fallows played a rousing set of acoustic driven folk-rock songs.  Knowing how hot it was on that stage, I’m surprised they didn’t melt, they really gave it their all. Their obvious talent for songwriting and performance, combined with the feelgood musical accompaniment drew the audience in from the bar and started the evening with a bang!  Check them out at http://www.thefallowsmusic.co.uk/


The audience had grown nicely during the start of the evening. We knew our set was going to be a considerably different feel to The Fallows, but the audience seemed to be up for the eclectic mix and actually enjoying this element!  Our set was quiet and the audience listened in total silence.  We’re always happy to play in whatever circumstance; but it is always amazing to play to a room where you feel every person is listening (So thank you if you were there!).  We played a few newer songs, which I know we both enjoyed, it’s great to be able to put them out into the world and see what comes back from them! We also chatted about the queen being naked, and what my stage name should be! Steve has Stylusboy and I want something! Thank you for all the kind words and smiles during the gig.

The final act (I was just a little bit excited!!) was Polly Paulusma.  I’ve been a fan of Polly ever since a friend introduced me to her album “scissors in my pocket” about 6/7 years ago.  I then bought her next album “Fingers and thumbs”, and very quickly fell in love with her emotive and intelligent songwriting.  To say I was excited about having the opportunity to support Polly is a gross understatement!  I’ve seen her perform live twice and I can say, without any care for it being cheesy/clichéd….It’s a magical experience.  She played old songs and treated us to newer material from her most recent release “Leave from the family tree”, including the single “last week me”.   Sometimes I worry that when I see artists who I hold in such high regard perform, they might not be as good as I expected…Polly was even more than I expected.  A true artist who works hard to craft beautiful songs and connect with the audience.  Hats off to you Polly!  You blew my mind again! http://pollypaulusma.com/


So all in all a very lovely evening at Taylor Johns. Thank you to Sarah for booking us and arranging the night. Thank you to The Fallows and to Polly and finally thank you to everyone who came down. Here is our little audio blog from the night (see if you can hear yourself singing along to Polly??!)

Rachel x