April 24, 2014


I headed over to Nottingham after meeting my old Uni friends for Lunch in Rugby. That would be a whole blog post on its own! Let’s just say the pub wasn’t where Google Maps said it was and I got well and truely lost which ended up with me being 35 minutes late to meet them! Anyway…

The Malt Cross was one of our favourite venues from the tour we did in November and so we were delighted to be able to open for Jess Morgan on one of her Langa Langa tour dates. THE MALT CROSS is a beautiful Music Hall which first opened in 1877 and is built by a boat builder. It really is a gorgeous place. I arrived pretty early and got myself a coffee and cake and waited for other people to arrive. It was a good coffee and the cake was grand too, so all in all a win!



Jess struggled with traffic and so arrived a little later than planned but that was fine. Rob from Redwood Photography came along too to INTERVIEW JESS and Rachel brought her parents along too so it was a lovely time with lots of familiar faces! We played first and it was an enjoyable set. The Malt Cross has a stage raised above the floor as you will be able to see from the photos below. You are able to watch everything going on while you play! I do sometimes you have to be careful that I don’t focus too much on people watching or I can loose where I am in a song! Haha!

After we played Jess played a really stunning set. She was playing songs from her new album LANGA LANGA and they sounded great. I have known Jess for quite a few years now and I love watching her play. After her set we both chatted to people and signed albums. The journey home wasn’t too bad, even though it seems Nottingham has the most roadworks humanly possible. Thank you to everyone who came along and spoke to us.

Thank you to ROB REDWOOD for most of the photos