March 30, 2013


Last Friday (March 23rd) we played a lovely show at LAMP in Leamington for ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE. It had been snowing most of the day so we knew the trip was going to fun! I managed to find the venue, even though it is slightly off the beaten track and met Rachel at there. When we arrived things were just being set up. What I was struck by the how cool the venue was! Until three weeks ago the place was derelict! It has been transformed by the hard work of the people who have set this up. Fair play to them all!

Anyway, after a bit of waiting around we headed up on stage to soundcheck. The sound on stage was great. Rachel headed off for a little while so I chatted to the guys from Acoustic Magazine who were great to chat to. I also tried to eat the takeaway pizza I ordered (I didn’t eat it all as it was rather large! My eyes were bigger then my stomach!!). The venue was great with projections on three walls!

Ric Stillitoe, Jamie Sheerman and Harry Vinnicombe all played great sets before we played. We really enjoyed our set too.

THE TOY HEARTS headlined the night who were really amazing. They are a bluegrass band from Birmingham who have played all over the world. They were stunningly talented musicians! The band featured two sisters and their dad on slide guitar! It was great to chat to them afterwards and swap cds.

Thank you to everyone to came to chat to us and purchased CDs. Here are some lovely photos WILL CLARKE PHOTOGRAPHY