October 14, 2013


The artwork of our releases has always been incredibly important to me. With so many people buying mp3s, CDs, for me should be an interesting thing to buy and look at, not just a hard copy of the music. I love the process of creating the images and working the Cheyenne (our resident artist) to see what she can create. The journey of the album artwork was quite different to the previous releases. Working now very much as a duo, it was brilliant to have Rachel (and my wife) give ideas which I would never have thought of! In fact the cover idea is very much what Rachel came up, which is based on a photograph taken by Rob from Redwood Photography.

photo 1

After we came up with the concept of the cover we contacted Cheyenne who then drew several versions of the cover. We were bowled over with what she has created. It was then a process of the designing the other sections of the cover. Once that had been sorted out I set out sourcing stamps from the images we created and the best ink. I also spent a long time looking around for the best cover cardboard cover. I used the company we have used before who are wonderful.

photo 4

The next stage was waiting for all the different elements to arrive! We then spent evenings and weekends (around work and family life) putting the together the CDs by stamping each section ourselves. The booklet is a collection of information about people involved in the album and photos we have taken during the recording process. This booklet has then been printed, cut out and finally sewn (by my lovely wife as she is a dab hand on the sewing machine!).

photo 2

We wanted to spend time on the artwork and the creation of the physical album because it is important for us to have a personal touch and be creative in all elements of our music. We hope you like it as much as we do.

photo 5