July 24, 2013


A few weeks ago we a number of new photographs taken by the talented Rob from Redwood Photography and I thought it was about time I blogged about the shoot.

Before the shoot we had discussed a great length what we wanted from these images and the location. We had found a really interesting place until a week before we completely changed our minds! So we changed the location and opted for a very early start. We met Rob in Coventry town centre at 6.30am (yes, AM, as in the morning!!). Anyway, I parked my car up and unloaded the props. These were two dining table chairs, one suitcase, one radio and one lantern. It was definitely an experience walking through the town carrying these things.

After a short time Rach came walking down the road and we set to work trying out some different shots for lighting and composition. Rob is such a great guy to work with. He encourages you but also tells you exactly what he wants from you to make each shot work. We used the medieval streets of Coventry because around the streets were lanterns and we also really liked the brown and grey tones of the location. After about an hour we decided we had got the shots we wanted. It was also becoming more challenging because more people were walking the streets on their way to work.

So we set off for the next location which was the War memorial park in Coventry. The light of the early morning was really interesting and Rob composed some great shots. We were really interested in trying to compose shots that included perspective in the background. It was a great shoot and by 9am we were drinking tea and eating muffins back at my house.

Rob is a gentleman and has a very detailed approach but without being controlling. His daughter came along to the shoot and made this wonderful video which gives you a little more incite into what happened on the shoot. You can read Rob’s own blog and read an interview we did with him HERE.