December 1, 2016

stylusboy-daniel-duke-big-comfy-bookshop-blog-headerI first met Daniel Duke when I played at St Pancras Old Church in London due to the fact we had a number of mutual friends including Jess Morgan and Jack Harris. We kept in contact after meeting and I set up this show at the Big Comfy Bookshop as joint headline show.

It was a brilliant evening made even more brilliant by selling out all the tickets prior to the night. Michael, the owner of the Big Comfy Bookshop, is a gentleman and has one of the best venues for intimate live music I think I’ve ever been to or had to pleasure to play at. I highly recommend you do go and check it out. Ellie Gowers was great and had some lovely songs so please do go and check her out too. I really enjoyed playing and particularly trying out a brand new song on my telecaster, fondly called Old Red. You can expect more from old red in the future. Anyway many thank yous to everyone who came and made this is a lovely evening. Here are some photo and a video blog for you to enjoy.