September 15, 2019

So the big album launch gig…it was an amazing evening but also a funny kind of evening really. Have you ever planned something like a party or event or even your own wedding? When you work on something for so long then it happens and its all over in what feels like the blink of an eye. Well, the Routes album launch felt a little bit like that!

I love writing and recording songs and I also love the releasing part. As a completely independent artist working on everything myself, this event was a big one!  I was blown away by the fact that 2 weeks before the launch we had completely sold out of tickets. So many people were really kind to me and made this evening so special. Jess from Backhaus and Co (which has now sadly closed) was so fantastic for hosting the evening, Guy Called Greg and Irene Rae were brilliant, each playing a lovely collection of songs to warm up the audience for me. Dave ensured the sound was perfect. Finally, my own wonderful band were all superstars. It is a rare occasion when I get to play with a full band, in fact, it has only happened once before. Wow, I love playing with these guys.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along and shared the evening with me, especially those who traveled from as far as Leeds to be there. Seeing everyone smiling and enjoying the music made all the late nights and rehearsals all very much worth it.