January 24, 2012

I have been meaning to write this blog for a while but life is pretty hectic at the moment. Anyway a couple of week ago (January 15th to be exact) I went to see the first Under the Radar gig of the new year at Warwick Arts Centre, which is just down the road from where I live on the campus Warwick University. I wanted to check out the venue as I am playing their on February 25th and also to hand out flyers for my gig after the show.


Boat to Row

BOAT TO ROW were the first band of the night. These guys play delicious intricate folk music. A 5 piece band with the singer Michael being the centre of the band. I supported these guys a couple of years ago when I played with ATLUM SCHEMA on his last tour. I really enjoyed their set and the musicianship of the band is brilliant. At one point the drummer was playing three different beats, singing harmonies and playing the main melody of the song on a glockenspiel! Very, very impressive! Do check BOAT TO ROW out…

Goodnight Lenin

The second band (not really headline, as it is a co-headline show) were GOODNIGHT LENIN. I hadn’t really heard much about these guys before I purchased my ticket for this but I did check out their lovely website and listened to them on Spotify. I was really impressed. They are five piece folk band with lush three part harmonies like Fleet Foxes or Simon or Garfunkel (Yes I know there are only two people in Simon and Garfunkel but you get the idea!). The band looked cool, sounded cool and gave great banter! “We normally walk on to the Gladiator theme music but it didn’t happen this time, I am not sure why. Heads will roll!” was how they started and the audience weren’t quite sure it they were serious but it got everyone’s attention! I really did love these guys.

I purchased both bands EPs and would strongly recommend you have a listen to both bands: BOAT TO ROW website and GOODNIGHT LENIN website. I am now very excited about my gig on February 25th!