FOUR THINGS I HAVE LIKED THIS WEEK : 14.5.12 (Featuring the sunshine, @pollypaulusma, @leviweaver and cutting the grass.)

May 14, 2012


This weekend we had beautifully sunny weather in Coventry. On Saturday I went for a walk with my family as it was my Dad’s birthday. While I was there I took this photo on my phone. If you look carefully you can see a man riding his bike along the road between the two yellow fields. It was a lovely walk which ended in a very tasty meal from the chip shop. Veggie pasty, chips and mushy peas! WIN!


As you know I am supporting this wonderful lady on June 9th in Coventry. I have admired her music for a long while and so I am very excited about playing with her. It has been lovely to get to know her a little bit via email and facebook while we have been arranging the gig. Anyway, I really like this performance and tomorrow she is officially launching her album in London. Please check out her site and buy her album:

I have been aware of Levi’s music for a quite a while, in fact I am pretty sure I shared the bill with him quite a few years ago. Anyway, last week I saw on Twitter he was raising money to make his tour documentary film. For one day he made all his music completely free. I downloaded everything. I send out a few messages but I thought I would include him in my ‘Four Things’ this week. This album is stunning, really stunning. A mass of influences that come out in an incredibly creative album. At times it is hard to listen to, but in a good way and I have been a fan on challenging music for a while (think of OK computer by Radiohead). Please support Levi in his creative journey:


This last one is pretty simple. The joy of gardening and simply cutting the grass. A tidy garden is a tidy mind, well maybe!