FOUR THINGS I HAVE LIKED THIS WEEK : 18.6.12 (@julie_collings, Amazing steps, Twitter Community and Music to your brain)

June 18, 2012


I discovered Julie Collings’ lovely gentle folk music (with a slighty electro twist) back in the day on Myspace and have really enjoyed it ever since. I’ve got her first album and over the years we have become friends on Twitter and Facebook and one day we will actually do a show together. This is a free download from her new album which comes out soon. I really like Julie’s voice and the way she communicates the emotion through her voice. The simple production really works on this track and I am very excited about the rest of the album. The artwork is for this track is pretty ace and I think that Julie will have done this herself. So please download this track and tell you friends about Julie. Check her out:


You may have seen this on my Tumblr Blog ( earlier this week. Isn’t it amazing? What a brilliant piece of work!


This weekend their was a house show in Coventry hosted by Richard and Shiv, who you may remember hosted a house gig I played at back in October 2011. These are now regular events and this one had Barricades Rise and Wes Finch playing. These gigs have come about through Twitter and the community in Coventry that has been formed by it. Communities are brilliant in whatever form they take. It might be a local football team, a bunch of regular pub goers or a group of Twitter users. We are need to be part of a community because often communities help us through the good times and the less good times. In this century a virtual community or one that mainly converses online is brilliant. Life can be very busy but through things like Twitter people can find common ground. One of the lovely Coventry Twitter community has written a lovely blog post about this. Head over and read it:


Again another one from my Tumblr blog. I like this…