FOUR THINGS I HAVE LIKED THIS WEEK : 2.7.12 (@themusgraves, the Olympic torch, @AdmiralFallow and cassette tapes)

July 2, 2012

Here are this week’s ‘Four Things’…


The Musgraves ( are a folk pop band from Birmingham who I think are really rather good. I have known about them for quite a long time, in fact when I was starting to first perform as Stylusboy, I supported them when they had a different name. I was blown away by them back then and they have really honed their songwriting craft over time. Working tireless to write lovely little folk pop tunes and do brilliant YouTube covers the band are now about release their debut album. The video above is an acoustic version of their single which was picked up by Radio 2 and has really given the band a brilliant leg up in the music world. Do check them out…


Yesterday the Olympic torch came to Coventry (my home). Now I will be honest I wasn’t that excited about the whole thing, in fact I wasn’t bothered at all but I went anyway. There was a real party atmosphere and loads of people came out to watch and clap. The police were great giving everyone high fives as they drove past on motorbikes. When the flame actually came past it was very exciting and I am really pleased that I have actually seen. After all it is a piece of history!


A couple of years ago I was sat in my car in the car park at Tesco completely stunned by a track I was listening to on the radio. It was by this band Admiral Fallow ( They are a wonderful band from Scotland who sound slightly like Snow Patrol (that isn’t a band thing) and I can also hear elements of Elbow too. The simply write emotional folk / rock songs that really draw me in. I love his voice and the way it melts with the other vocals. This is a brilliant video too.


I know the connection….