FOUR THINGS I HAVE LIKED THIS WEEK : 30.8.12 (featuring @FlightBrigadeHQ, @lukesitalsingh, @josevanders and @leemitchell)

August 30, 2012


This week’s ‘Four Things’ is all about live acts I saw at GREENBELT FESTIVAL last weekend…

I have talked about these guys before on the blog but I was blown away by them again last weekend. They are a 7 piece folk rock band from the south of England. Their songs are full of emotion, melody and intricacies that keep me wondering what is about to happen next. I first found out about them via LUKE LEIGHFIELD posting a blog about them so I am hoping that this post may earn them some more new fans. They played a brilliant set at Greenbelt in the middle of a massive rain storm!

I have known Luke’s music for some time after discovering his amazing voice through MySpace a few years ago. He played an extra slot on the Canopy Stage and it was a spell blinding performance. Think Jeff Buckley meets Damien Rice and you might get somewhere close. He is about to go on tour with The Staves and is tipped for big things. I am really pleased I got to see him in such a lovely venue.

I have known about Jose for quite a while and have seen her before at Godiva Festival a few years ago. This weekend I was blown away by her performance. Sadly her band got stuck in traffic and so she had to play the show by herself. Jose’s songs are stuffed with infectious melodies and poetic lyrics. She was an engaging performer and bantered really well with the audience. Please check out piano pop!

Lee is a friend and until recently a fellow Coventry resident. He played on the Canopy Stage during another one of the rainstorms but his soulful songs brought in people. Lee is from Ireland and he has a voice that soothes the soul. Playing with a great band his songs really stuck in my head!