FOUR THINGS I HAVE LIKED THIS WEEK : 4.6.12 (Featuring Jason Langdell, Google’s Moog, Jublilee Woods and This Beautiful Noise)

June 4, 2012

Sorry for missing a few weeks but I should be back to normal service now! Anyway here we go for this week…

1. SURFING (by Jason Langdell)

I have known Jason for a little while through different bands and had to pleasure of meeting him again a few months ago. This week he posted this video of himself surfing with the camera attached to his board. This is a brilliant little video and the slow motion is ace. I love the very end section too where it goes under water. I enjoy surfing and this video really captures the essence of why it is such a fun thing to do!


Now I know this wasn’t actually this week but I thought I would include it anyway! So did you see it?! How cool was it that you could play and make crazy sounds. I love how google makes this little bit of creativity at random points. What a great jobs it must be to plan and create the crazy little ideas! Love it!


 As many of you may well know a few months ago my Grandpa passed away and his death has inspired quite a few new songs. Anyway, my family have planted a tree in one of the Jubilee Woods that are being created this year. It is a lovely way to remember what a top man my Grandpa was. He was a big gardener and I think he would love the idea of having a tree in memory of him.


This is a brilliant little video that I stumbled across again this week. Tom (AKA This Beautiful Noise) is a friend of mine and this is an ace little video that shows of his looping skills. I have shared the stage with him a good few times and this reminds me I really should get in touch with him again.