FOUR THINGS I HAVE LIKED THIS WEEK : 7.5.12 (Featuring @thestaves, Toasted Sandwiches, @shemakeswar and @hopeandsocial and Sculpture.)

May 7, 2012

Sorry for missing a couple of weeks of these posts, but anyway here we go with this week…


Last Sunday evening I headed over to my favourite venue (possibly ever), The Glee Club in Birmingham to see the lovely The Staves. We managed to get some brilliant seats and very much enjoyed the support Chrisof. The Staves took to the stage and you could tell they had done nothing but play live since the last time I saw them back in February. This was The Staves up several gears. Their songs were as strong as ever. Half of the audience nearly wet themselves half way through the gig though as the bass player, who was casually standing against his amp while not playing for a song, actually went to sleep for a split second! I am not kidding!! It was so funny! He played it cool and pretended it never happened. I don’t know if anyone actually told the ladies! Anyway, I chatted to The Staves afterwards and gave them a copy of Whole Picture EP which they then tweeted me to say they were listening to in the van the next day! Do go and see them live. I hear rumors of an album in July?!?!


Aren’t toasted sandwich makers one of the great modern day inventions? I love them! I love cheese and mushroom, or cheese and tomato (although watch out for how crazily hot they get though!). Not the healthiest thing to eat when you are using real butter but hey, they are rather tasty!


I mention this brilliant idea in another ‘Four Things’ post a few weeks ago. HOPE AND SOCIAL have teamed up with the lovely SHE MAKES WAR to record their version of Madonna’s ‘Dress You Up’. This isn’t a cover it really, rather a complete rework. It has been filmed in a lovely way too. I think they are planning to release all the recordings when they have enough (well I hope they are!).


This weekend I went to Cannock Chase forest park and found their lovely sculpture park. Many of you will know I did a Art Degree a few years ago and did alot of 3D work (which reminds me about getting the images of my work online.). I love sculpture parks as it often exposes art to people who wouldn’t go into a gallery to see it. Somehow the work doesn’t seem to precious and distanced when it is out in the open at a park or forest. I really liked the piece called ‘Walking the dog’. The whole space was about about keeping healthy through exercise and how it keeps your mind healthy. This piece was made my a boy in a pupil referral unit and I am sure would have been often labeled as  a ‘naughty boy’. Anyway that is a complete different post. I liked this alot.