September 3, 2020


I have created some new exciting bundle deals on Bandcamp!

// Bundle Deal 1 : 6 Handmade CDs - 3 albums and 3 EPs for £20 //
This is a super limited edited collection of most of the CDs I have released! Six handmade CDs (3 albums and 3 EPs) for the crazy price of £20 plus P&P! Routes, Hospitality for Hope, Tales from Home, Out Upon the Ocean EP, Lantern EP and Whole Picture EP. I only have 6 copies of Whole Picture EP and Lantern EP and when they are gone I am not planning to reprint them.

// Bundle Deal 2 : 2 Handmade Albums for £10 //
This is a two-album deal: Routes and Hospitality for Hope for £10 plus P&P.

// Bundle Deal 3 : 4 Handmade CDs - 3 albums and 1 EP for £14 //
Another mega deal! Routes, Hospitality for Hope, Tales from Home and Out Upon the Ocean EP for £14 plus P&P.

All of these deals from available from my BANDCAMP MERCH PAGE. 

I have put these packages together to help me raise funds towards working on new songs, recordings, videos and releases. With my gigs being on hold for the moment I'd appreciate your support, maybe you'd like to share my music with a friend or two and buying one of these bundles is a great way to do that. I know you might be a fan of streaming music and having it on your phone but I feel like there is nothing like owning music as a physical item. Tomorrow Bandcamp are waiving their fees again and so all the money will come straight to me so please do consider buying some of my CDs.