December 19, 2011

Last Sunday afternoon I went to play a special house show with WES FINCH to launch his new EP. Wes had kindly asked me a few weeks ago to come and play and I am very pleased I was able to as this was one of the most memorable gigs I have ever played. Wes had given me the house address but as usual I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because I hadn’t been to the house before. I parked up near by and found myself walking up the drive a very large and interesting looking house! I knocked on the door and Elaine, Wes’ good friend, opened the door. I entered the amazing home and was taken down to the room where we would be playing. It was a large room with a huge fire place that was all wooden. The room was was very grand. Wes and his band were busy sound checking and getting everything set up. I brought in the rest of my gear (narrowly missing slipping over on to my bum the third time in!) and waited for the band to complete what they needed to do. I met up with Adam from THE OUTDOOR SESSIONS who was filming the gig and organised how we would record the sound.

 At around 2pm people starting arriving, including Rob from REDWOOD PHOTOGRAPHY who was coming to take photos. This was a specially invited audience of friends, family, press and admirers of Wes’ music. The room filled up very quickly. I opened my set with Whole Picture which went down really well. I was pleased with my set. I really enjoyed playing and it was lovely how the audience listened and responded so positively. I played my cover of Duke Special’s Slip of Girl and everyone kindly joined in at the end of the song, thanks everyone!

After my set Wes took to the stage along with a range of top quality musicians. At different points during the performance he had mandolin, banjo, violin, double bass, drums, two wonderful lady singers (Lucy and Liz) and himself playing acoustic guitar and singing. I have mentioned Wes many times and his songs really are brilliant. A great blend of folk, country, americana and blues which when accompanied by Wes soulful voice and interesting lyrics really create an interesting mix. In a live situation, like this one, it’s completely captivating. Wes and the band played two sets and after the darkness of the night closed in people said their goodbyes and thank yous and went home for their Sunday dinner.

A wonderful gig and I am looking forward to seeing the video which Adam is going to produce. Here are some of Rob’s photos…

Have a look at Rob Redwood’s blog for more photos HERE.