May 7, 2014


I have been doing online gigs for quite a while and host regular RCM HANGOUT SESSIONS with RIGHT CHORD MUSIC. Lots of people have asked me about how to do the Google Hangout live online gigs so I thought I would make this little guide. I have taken photos of as much as I can think of. I may add more over time. I hope it is useful for you.


Use a wired connection and not wifi as this will mean the signal is better. Don’t forget to turn off the wireless on your laptop or the connection will still be wifi even if you have a cable plugged in!


Use a lamp to light up the performance area you are using. Ideally this will be aimed at you.


This is the microphone I use for Google Hangouts. I have it slightly away from me and not directly in front of the screen.


I use this mixer to run a line in for guitar and the microphone above. I then run this mixer into the audio interface that I use. I have tried going directly into the audio interface but because of the way Google Hangouts are set up this doesn’t work as well.


Use an audio interface to plug in your mixer. Make sure the lights stay green and no red lights (peaking) comes on. Any audio distortion on a Hangout doesn’t sound very nice!


If you are speaking to anyone during the Hangout use earplugs to hear what they are saying. I don’t listen to myself singing as there is a small time delay which messes with your head! Earplugs look better than giant headphones I think, but it is up to you!


You will need a Google Plus account to be able to have a Google Hangout. Link this account to your YouTube page and the Hangout will record directly onto your YouTube channel. You can make the video private at a later point if you want to.


Once you have a Google Plus account click on the profile menu and select Hangouts.


Then select a Hangout On Air.


Then click on the blue ‘Start a Hangout On Air’ button.


Then click the blue ‘Start’ button.


Use the dial to select the audio options below. You can mute the microphone or camera from here by clicking on the pictures. A line will go through them when they are muted. To unmute just click them again.


Make sure you select the ‘Studio’ setting for live music. This adds various built in effects and makes the audio sound alot cleaner. Make sure you also select the correct microphone (the audio interface you are using) and the speakers (the audio interface again).


Aim to keep the lights green on the Hangout. Any red lights on your audio interface or on here will mean the sound is distorting and sounds very unpleasant on a Hangout Session. Keep the levels lower than you think when trying it all out.

There you go. Hopefully that is useful! I will add more as I think of it. Or comment below with questions!


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