Interesting Sounds #3 – Sleeping at Last

February 6, 2011

I first discovered Sleeping at Last from a tweet from friend Emmah posted on Twitter. I clicked on the link after her intriguing comment and discovered their website. I also discovered a collection of beautiful and delicate songs that were full of hope and honesty.

Sleeping at Last are Ryan and Dan from Chicago in America. They have been making music together for a number years and have had their music on a lot of big TV shows in America. What I love about them is not only their music but they way they interact with fans. I remember when I bought their last album on iTunes and then I wrote a tweet saying how much I had enjoyed it, they replied saying thank you. I love how bands and acts can now interact with fans so easily.

Since September they have been creating a project called ‘Yearbook’ which is basically a three track ep written and recorded each month for a whole year. 36 tracks in one year! I subscribed to the whole project and so on the first day of every month I get an ep emailed to me! I am really enjoying hearing how they are writing the songs and how lots of people interact about the songs and how great they are. Please check them out and buy their music….