Interesting Sounds #6 – Athlete

August 16, 2011

A few weeks ago I went to see Athlete at the Warwick Arts Centre. I have seen them quite a few times but this gig was going to be different as it was part of their ‘stripped back’ tour. The idea being that they were playing lots of their songs acoustically or more stripped back.

I arrived, met up with a few friends and had a quick drink before finding my seat. The support were The Robot Heart who I was rightly impressed with. A four price from Brighton featuring acoustic guitars minimal drums, bass, keys / glockenspiel and four part harmonies! I guess you could describe them as lo-fi folk pop with dashes of electronica. They played a lovely set which I really enjoyed. The singer had a great way of dramatically moving his head in time with every song which was quite amusing to watch! Afterwards, while waiting to buy a beer I found them on twitter and looked at their myspace page and then purchased their limited edition album. You should definitely check them out!

Athlete were immense, there is no other way to describe it really. They were all very relaxed and clearly enjoying these different kind of gigs. They played lots of songs from their different albums and almost covered and reworked many of the songs. ‘House on the Rock’ was a particular highlight; set to a dirty electro beat and slowed down from the original. Great banter and more amazing reworked songs made it a very memorable gig. Good times…thanks Athlete!

The Arts Centre uses little blue coins to pay for the carpark, which is odd enough, but only having one pay station for everyone leaving the gig just struck me as random!