December 3, 2013


We have been fortunate enough to be part of the “Wild Sound Recordings” clan for some time now. Recently it was the label’s 1st birthday…awwwww, bless the little fella! Our label boss Polly Paulusma, singer-songwriter extraordinaire (she’s not bribing me…honest Gov!) decided that we should have a little celebration at the Green Note cafe in Camden to mark the occasion, hurrah!


On 30th October, my friend Cerys and I boarded a train from Coventry to the big smoke! A few hours later, Steve and his wife Becky would also be heading to London for perhaps the one of the most exciting gig of Stylusboy’s history to date! As we all know, Camden is a cool place to be…and we were absolutely over the moon to be gigging at Green Note cafe. If you’ve never been there, you really should be asking yourself why! Green Note is an unassuming, cosy, pub type bar just off Camden high street. It serves vegetarian food, which Steve was particularly looking forward to, if you didn’t know, he is a fully fledged veggie! We sampled quite a bit of the menu and it was all delicious! The houmous (which meant most people didn’t get too close to me for the rest of the evening) was honestly THE BEST HOUMOUS EVER!!


Anyway, I digress…we all sound checked, it sounded lovely and was a real shot in the arm to give confidence for the rest if the evening. Then Steve and I had a chat with a man called James from radio station “Resonance 104.4 FM”, and recorded a live track for his show The Tin Can Review. Doors opened and the cafe started filling up. Harry Harris was first up. He played heartfelt songs with real sensitivity, Harry has worked hard to hone his skills, I was blown away by his guitar playing…very jealous! Please check him out, your ears deserve a break from the noise of life and he is a perfect remedy!


Next up was us! Argh! I can honestly say, I’ve never felt more relaxed at a gig! The crowd were amazing, so receptive and the sound was just right for us! Anyone will tell you, if you are able to just relax and enjoy yourself when performing, it shines through and permeates the crowd too. The atmosphere was so lovely and welcoming, and that made our set feel like it flowed so easily! One of the most enjoyable sets I’ve ever played!


Last up was Polly…now if you’ve not seen Polly perform, you really do need to get your life in order and your priorities straight! Chuck, who was sitting on the floor next to the stage area with a few other audience members, had flown from the good old US of A to be there…Chuck knows that this is an opportunity not to be missed! Polly’s set was, as always, magical! It was a magical evening for all artists involved, and I hope it was for those listening.