January 11, 2014


I am still continuing to catch up on blogs! I played a solo show with these guys…



Later on in December I played a solo show opening for Nizlopi at Lamp in Leamington. I hadn’t been to Lamp since we played the Acoustic Magazine show back in March. It’s a great venue tucked away near the river in Leamington. John Parker (Double Bass player extraordinaire , who played on our album!) asked us to open for this home town gig but Rachel was already busy on the night so it was a solo show for me. I arrived bright and early with Mrs Stylus to soundcheck. I had been in contact with Dominic Morgan, who was playing first, before the gig so it was nice to meet him. Nizlopi were busy finishing their soundcheck so I headed into to set up the Suitcase shop. It was lovely to bump into Sarah from Paper Aeroplanes again too! Once I had soundchecked the doors opened and the placed starting filling up pretty quickly. By the time Dominic took to the stage the place was rammed. He played a set of covers and some of his original tunes. He is a young chap with a bright future. He has a great voice and way with melody (particularly in his own songs) and I will be interested to watch him in the years to come.


I stepped up on stage to a very warm welcome. It was different playing on my own and the songs took on a different life. Thank you to everyone who clapped and smiled during the set. The Suitcase Shop was very busy afterwards and I sold out of the ‘Keeping a Light’ notebooks!

Nizlopi played a wonderful set. Their songs mean an awful lot to an awful lot of people. Luke and John are lovely guys and this was their first hometown show for a long time. I have to say the highlight for me was them playing JCB which went to number 1 all those years ago. Everyone was singing nearly all the songs word for word and the beaming grins didn’t leave anyone’s faces for virtually the entire set!

Massive thanks to John for asking me to play.