January 4, 2014




I was really excited about playing at Live at All Hallows’ as we has been trying to work out a date together for a long while. Nicola who does a lot of work with Greenbelt Festival had been keen for us to play for over a year. We knew it was quite a drive up but not quite as long as it turn out to be! I was travelling up on my own as Rachel and her boyfriend John were travelling up after John has finished work. The journey was a very long one. A combination of roadworks and terrible rain meant that what should be about a two hour journey turned into an epic four hour journey. Blimey!

However, once we arrived everything brilliant. Nicola, our host gave us one of the warmest welcomes we’ve had in a long time. The soundcheck was swift, due to us being a bit later, but it was grand. The natural sound in the church was simply lovely. Big and echoing which allowed for lots of little quiet and loud sections. It was grand to meet Rachel Sermanni, she really is a lovely lady.

We were them served with pizza and endless tea and our Green room was in fact the vestry! Sitting eating pizza and warming up the vocal chords surrounded by vicar clothing and important books was a slightly odd experience, certainly a different kind of pre gig experience to the usual!


The place filled up pretty quickly once the doors had opened and quite a few people who had seen us or heard about us through Greenbelt Festival where we played in the summer. We made our way to the stage and were kindly introduced by Nicola. I really enjoyed the show. The audience were beautifully attentive and even joined in with a little bit of banter which was fun! After we had played we sold rather a lot of albums and spoke to loads of people. We also did an interview with Ashlene from South Leeds Radio in a slightly strange room that was cold. Anyway, the interview was fun and it was brilliant to meet Ashlene. We then headed in to watch the rest of Rachel Sermanni’s set.


She was brilliant. Rachel has a delicate collection of songs that she performed wonderfully well and with lovely humour between songs.


After Rachel finished we sold more albums from our suitcase shop! Eventually everyone left and we stayed to help clear up. The night is ran by volunteers and with it being in a church the place needed putting back together. Full credit to Nicola and Steve (and the rest of the team!) who run these wonderful nights on a monthly basis. It was then time for Rachel and John to head off and I followed Nicola to her home as she has kindly allowing me to stay over.

In the morning Nicola cooked me a delicious mushroom omelette while we chatted about Greenbelt Festival and other creative things. The drive hole was much easier than the one there and I listened the Rachel Sermanni’s album on the way back. I was pretty tired but very happy with our first northern show. I did stop for one of these.


Thank you to everyone for a lovely Leeds experience.