October 24, 2014


I’m slowly catching up with blog posts about various things I have been up to. You might have seen that a couple of weeks ago I played in the Britian’s smallest venue known as FOLK IN A BOX. It is pretty much what is says it is, a box (like the size of a shed) where audience members come in one at a time and musicians play a song for them. It is pretty much dark in there apart from a small amount of light that comes in from outside over the musician.

I travelled down to Gloucester to find the box in a shopping centre. The idea is to encourage people to experience live music who don’t usually. Sadly I arrived slightly later than planned and managed to miss some of the musicians I was hoping to grab a coffee with. Anyway when it came to my turn I headed into the box which was very warm! To help the sound it has thick black cloth inside so this makes it very warm! I played 7 songs to different audiences, some individually and some in small groups. It was lovely meeting and talking to people before I sang them a song. I really enjoyed playing and I hope to one day do it again.

stylusboy-folk-in-a-box-6.jpg stylusboy-folk-in-a-box-5.jpg  stylusboy-folk-in-a-box-2.jpg stylusboy-folk-in-a-box-1.jpg