June 3, 2016

When Jess invited me to play this show it was one I could not refuse. St Pancras Old  Church has been on my list to play for ages and so after discussing the night was Gary (the wonderful promoter and all round music champion) it was confirmed. I travelled down to London on the train with my guitar and trusty suitcase of CDs which is always an interesting experience as it is a balance of not knocking into people and then making sure you aren’t too polite and miss the station! The journey was a good one and I arrived in plenty of time as it was only a short walk from Euston station and thanks to Google Maps I found it straight away.


St Pancras Old Church

The soundcheck was great as Alex the soundman was really helpful and it gave me an opportunity to check my new pedal set up and get it right. Before the doors opened I grabbed some food that I have brought down with me which was a lovely bulgar wheat, spinach and nuts mix. No unhealthy gig for for me! As the doors open it filled up pretty quickly and then it was time for me to take to the stage. MC for the evening, Tom, introduced me in a fine way and I when I looked out on the audience and room I felt very excited to be playing in such a beautiful place. Lovely and attentive, that’s how I’d describe the audience. They very fine voice too as they sang along with my cover of. Power of Thank you for being so very welcoming and and attentive.

I’d not seen Jack Harris before but knew lots of about him. He is Harry Harris bother (Wild Sound label mate and all round top chap) and a critically acclaimed member of the London folk scene. Jack’s performance was stunning. Songs full of intrigue and wonderful guitar playing as well as hilarious banter made for a very memorable performance. Finally it was time for Jess to take to the stage with her trio. I turned to Rob Bridge at the start of Jess first song and said ‘I think she’s grown some balls!’ For me after seeing Jess many times it was like she’d upped her game even more since the last time I saw her and was singing from her soul like an old time country folk singer. She and the trio were really great, the harmonies and extra instrumentation were simply lovely. It was a real pleasure to join them on stage alongside Jack for a version of Freckles in the Sun.


Jack Harris @ St Pancras Old Church


Jess Morgan Trio @ St Pancras Old Church

This was a gorgeous evening of music and seeing some friends that I hasn’t seen for sometime. Thank you to Roxanne, Gitta, Sarah, Caitlin, Fran, Rob and everyone else for coming along. After saying my goodbyes I headed back to the station for my journey home. I couldn’t believe how busy the late train was and what made it more strange was the amount of people who fell asleep on the way! How do these people get off at the right station?! I’ll leave you to ponder on that.


Photographs taken by Redwood Photography

Photograph by Redwood Photography

Photograph by Redwood Photography

Photograph by Redwood Photography

Photograph by Redwood Photography

Photograph by Redwood Photography

Photograph by Redwood Photography