September 18, 2014


I set off around 3 o’clock for the long drive up to Kirton in Lindsey (up north!) which was not really a place that I had heard of before being asked to come and play. As usual I was really excited to be play this show but the fact I was opening for Danny and the Champions of the World made this even more exciting. The drive up was pretty uneventful apart being diverted quite a long way because of an accident. As I drove it I discover Kirton was a relatively small town but with a wonderful vintage looking town hall (as you can see in the photo above!).


As I got out of my car the heavens decided to open and so I got a bit wet as I carried my guitar over! Thankfully I bumped into the Danny and headed up in the lift to the main room. Brian the promoter greeted me and kindly began making everyone fresh cups of tea! As Danny and the Champions were soundchecking and at this point I was able to appreciate how lovely the building was, beautiful decoration and vintage features. One of the many things I like about playing shows is visiting all the different venues. The sound and lights were all brilliant and the band sounded great, a proper rock n roll band with lovely vintage gear and grand songs. I knew once the soundcheck had finished it would be a wonderful show! I had a pretty quick soundcheck because the sound was so lovely on stage I didn’t need too long. We then we all headed over the Brian’s house for some amazing home cooked food.


By the time I headed back to the venue to change and get ready it the room was already very full with people. Brian gave me a very kind introduction and I took to the stage. The audience were lovely and very attentive, laughing at my jokes and smiling at me while a sang to them. Once I played my set was finished I was joined by various people at The Suitcase Shop wanting to buy EPs and albums as well as discuss the guitar chords and tunings I had used. Everyone was very lovely and it was a pleasure chatting to everyone.


Brian had told me that this was one of the first times a band had played with a drum kit at Town Hall Live and it was brilliant! Danny and his Champs play a wonderful live show, really tight songs and great performers. Rather like the E Street Band but with a very English flair to them. It was one of the best live shows I have seen for a while and certainly a pleasure to support them. After chatting to more people I packed up my stuff and headed off to the car. It was a pretty epic (lonnnng!) drive home. I did stop a garage to get a coffee which helped me stay awake! Thanks to everyone for a lovely evening.


stylusboy-town-hall-live-12.jpg stylusboy-town-hall-live-9.jpg stylusboy-town-hall-live-8.jpg stylusboy-town-hall-live-7.jpg


A Stylus Selfie!