June 10, 2014


I had been looking forward to this show for ages! Jess chatted to me about playing this date on her Langa Langa tour as it was pretty local and then when I heard Chris Tye was playing too I knew it would be a wonderful evening. I hadn’t been to Cafe Ort for a long time, but I am always seeing amazing photos and videos online from shows they put on.

I headed over to Birmingham and as I arrived it started to throw it down with rain and thunder! I hid in the car hoping that it would clear pretty quickly. Thankfully it did and I managed to get inside before it started raining again. I made my way in and met up with Jess and heard about how her tour had been going so far. Now Cafe Ort is a rather good place for me because I am a veggie and they serve the most amazing home cooked veggie delights! As you can see from the title image they served Jess and I was a delicious curry which set me up perfectly for the evening, although I must say I am glad I didn’t have to sing for an hour or so as I was rather full up!


The soundcheck went really well. The soundguy, whose name I have annoyingly forgotten, was brilliant. He really took his time getting the sound right for us all, tweaking things here and there and making us feel very comfortable on stage. Anyway once this had finished we set up the merch table and waited for people to arrive.


By the time I took to the stage /  performance area there was a very lovely audience sat waiting for me. They were lovely and paid fantastic attention through my whole set, it really does make all the efforts worth it when people listen to you perform and connect with you. Thank you to everyone who listened, smiled and clapped during my set. Chris and Jess played wonderful  sets. Both are stunningly talented songwriters and have songs and voices that I could listen to for hours. It was a joy to listen to them both, particularly when I was able to have flat white coffee and a slice of fresh carrot cake! Thank you very much Cafe Ort, I do hope to see you again very soon.

 stylusboy-cafe-ort12.jpg  stylusboy-cafe-ort10.jpg    stylusboy-cafe-ort6.jpg stylusboy-cafe-ort5.jpg
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