March 7, 2014


Back in February we played a home town show with the marvellous Chains. Here is another much belated blog…

This gig had been put together by a long time supporter of our music Richard Harrison and I was really excited about finally seeing Chains live. I had been in touch with Ben from Chains for quite a while on Twitter.


I arrived just before the rain started and walked in to find Chains setting up. It was one of those funny music / Twitter moments where Ben and I felt like friends but we hadn’t actually met (we questioned if we actually existed physically!) haha!! We listened to Dan Wilde soundcheck and then we quickly set up and star sound chap, Drew, worked his regular magic and everything sounds grand. After our soundcheck we rehearsed a song with Chains, but more of that later. We then set up the suitcase shop on our trusty decorating table.

Once the doors opened the place filled up really quickly. Richard had been like a machine on the social networks, particularly Twitter and it has paid off. As there was loads of advance ticket sales and still more on the door. We were first on and we really enjoyed our set. We included our version of Movin on Up by Primal Scream which went down well, it is a fun song to play and not one we usually include. It was lovely to see some familiar faces in the audience but also a large number of people who were new to our music.

Dan Wilde was simply brilliant. His songs are to the point but feel like complete stories from beginning to end. He is a very humble chap who is working very hard for his music. Do look him up. Chains were great performers, vocally and as a duo they work incredibly well together. Lots of humour between songs amused people and their cover of Fleetwood Macs The Chain was brilliant. We had to pleasure of singing on one of their new songs which was captured on the little video below.

It was another night of fantastic music in Coventry. Full credit to Richard for putting the night on. It proves that there is nothing like live music in a cosy venue. Here is another Redwood behind the scenes film: