December 18, 2013


THE MALT CROSS, NOTTINGHAM (12th November 2013)

After a few days break from shows it was time to drive to Nottingham to play at The Malt Cross. The venue had a great reputation and didn’t disappoint at all. I was slightly concerned about the journey up the M1 after the long journey to Leeds (that is a whole other blog) but it was all fine in the end. We arrived in plenty of time and after driving around the one way streets for a while we did manage to find somewhere to park. After a little while of trying to locate the venue, we eventually found it and walked in. Wow, it was simply a stunning place to be in. One of only 5 old music halls left in the country you can just feel all the amazing history that has happened in the place.

We were warmly welcomed with food and drinks. Matt, the promoter, was a lovely guy who filled in about the venue and the timings for the night. We set up the suitcase shop and listened to the end of Delve soundcheck. Delve are an acoustic folk rock duo right up our music taste alley!

20131201-124528.jpg    20131201-124543.jpg

Our soundcheck was lovely. The stage is on middle level between in the floor and the upstairs which was an odd feeling as people could watch from all angles. The stage was intimate and cosy. The audience were very attentive and welcoming which was lovely. We were really pleased with how we went down and we sold several albums and chatted to people when we had finished. Delve played a great set of the afore mentioned folk rock variety. They are aiming to play 250 gigs in 250 days! Pretty mental really! After we said our goodbyes we got outside venue and realised that last challenge of the evening was to find my car and where we had parked it! After getting back to the side street where we had parked what did we find? Two Nissan Micras that looked exactly the same! How funny! Thankfully we unlocked the right one and drove off back to Coventry!

20131201-124551.jpg   20131201-124600.jpg