December 18, 2013


A month ago today our debut album was officially released into the world. Two days before that we held the launch party for our album at The Tin Music and Arts, which is the venue that is formerly known as Taylor Johns. It’s a lovely quirky venue right on the canal on Coventry, in fact it is in the coal volts. We had spent a long time planning, organising and promoting the launch so when the day arrived it felt like a momentous occasion! We arrived early in the afternoon for rehearsals and setting up. Rach and I were really excited to be playing with a full band for the evening who we had named The Turntables! These were the guys that played on the album. People like Polly Paulusma and John Parker that we have admired for a long while and have now become good friends. Tim Bowes, a long time friend and collaborator played drums and we were also joined for one song by the very talented Wes Finch.


It was a busy afternoon tweaking the songs and getting the sound right. It was an afternoon of hard work, but also an awful lot of fun and messing about. We played random versions of the songs and John, Tim and I enjoyed creating ‘RAWK’ versions of some of our tunes! We had an interesting time with Polly’s keyboard which had an mind of its own during the afternoon, playing random notes at random times! Anyway, we used the real piano at The Tin in the end which worked out perfectly. The time zoomed past and before we knew it we shared a load of food (an ultra all dietary requirements inclusive meal!) and then other acts started to arrive. I was very excited about Laura Kidd (She Makes War) playing. I have admired her work for a long time and was delighted when she was able to play. David Sanders is a local singer songwriter and a long time friend. As well as all the music going on during the night we had various people filming and photographing the night. Barry, who created our lantern Video, was filming the gig and Lauren and Rob from Redwood Photography were doing their usual behind the scenes photography magic as well as Lauren making a film. So even before the doors opened it was a pretty busy place.

The doors opened at 8pm and the lovely people from Two Cousins Bakery arrived first with the special cup cakes they had made especially for the night. This came about because I simply asked them of they would. I do love when creative people support each other. Have a look at their wonderful work here. After a short time I welcomed everyone and introduced David. He played a storming set of understated folky songs. Do head over to his Bandcamp page.



There was a lovely atmosphere in the venue and this was down to you guys. Everyone was chatting and it felt like there was a real excitement in the air. As She Makes War took to the stage the place was packed. Laura was simply brilliant. She is an audio and visual spectacle and very engaging. So many people commented to me afterwards how much they enjoyed her set.


Then it was our turn! Stylusboy and the Turntables. Well it was brilliant! From the first bars of Eyes Form Tears to our reworked version of Open for an encore, it was brilliant. Rach and I kept catching each other with big grins on our faces. We played mainly songs from the album and a couple of older songs too. Dave’s Song from Whole Picture EP and our version of the Power of Love were lovely to play. To have John play his cello part on Chasing the Light was really magical. This was a one off full band show, but it would be lovely to play again sometime with these guys.


I was thrilled with the turn out on the night. The room was set out with tables and chairs to make it all cosy but after David’s set the venue had to take the tables out to allow everyone who wanted to get in the space! I was also thrilled with the atmosphere which was perfectly relaxed and just right royally friendly. It’s always a very big unknown when you put on your own night so a massive thank you to everyone who came. At the end of the show it was brilliant meeting everyone and chatting. We also did a little interview with Jessica from Demon FM who had travelled all the way from Leicester to be at the launch. Here is the interview:


A big thank you to Sarah from The Tin for helping us organise everything and to Drew for doing a marvellous job with the sound.


Here is the film with Lauren Bridge made which gives you a little glimpse into the whole day: