June 10, 2014


I have been in touch with Louise Petit for a while after we had met each other at a festival last summer. I had heard really great things about her music before I saw her and her band perform. Fast forward a few months and I am driving to Wolverhampton to play a show at The Grain Store with Louise. This was a warm up show for Louise’s album launch in couple of weeks.

I hadn’t been to Wolverhampton for a number of years and the city centre has one of those highly enjoyable one way systems many city centres have! So once I arrived in the city I did drive round quite a few times trying to find somewhere close to park. Eventually I did find a free place to park and carried my gear over the road to the venue. This was the first time I was trying out my new guitar case. My hard case is sometimes a bit too much to carry and so I had chatted to Jess Morgan about her soft foam case. I now own one which is much easier to carry on my back!

Anyway once I arrived I found out that everything was running little behind as Tim, the drummer in Louise’s band, had locked himself out of his house earlier in the day! The venue itself was lovely, the upstairs of a bar, all dark and cosy. Rob Redwood had come along to watch Louise and interview her so as usual it was grand to sit and chat to him.

A young lady called Sharodene opened the evening with a great collection of songs and soulful voice. Rosie Tee,  who plays panio pop music, played second and her set was delightful.


Then it was my turn. Sometimes at shows there are people who have had a couple of drinks and like to chat and banter a little. This one was of these shows! As I introduced myself I said I was from Coventry. A lady at the front then spoke about how she didn’t like Coventry and did I know any Bruce Springsteen songs. Sadly I don’t know any and I told her I rather liked and am proud of my home of Coventry. During my first song she didn’t seem to be enjoying herself and promptly left which I did feel a little bad about. Rob did say that on the way out she said…

” I like Buddy Holly, but I don’t like you!”

I think this was a reference to my new quiff and glasses!

I really enjoyed playing and the audience were very appreciative.

Photo by Redwood Photography

Louise and her band played a stunning set. Louise’s sound is slightly country, a bit folk with alot of classic singer songwriter influences. Her songs are often about love and the people in her life, they are delightful. Please do check out her music and her debut album which is coming out on June 16th.

After the show I chatted to lots of the audience and sold albums from the Suitcase Shop. Big thanks to Louise for asking me to play and to Andrew, the promoter and soundman, for looking after everyone so well. The journey home was a lot longer than I should have been as when I drove out of Wolverhampton a huge section of the M6 was shut meaning that a massive diversion was in place! It was a pretty late night by the time I got home! You can read Rob’s Interview on his blog.

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Photo by Redwood Photography

Photo by Redwood Photography