March 17, 2014


Back in January we recorded three live videos with TALL TREES SESSIONS. Here is a much belated blog about the session!

We have been in touch with Tall Tree Sessions for quite a long time after our mutual friend Ryan Francis Martin put us in touch. We had booked the session twice before, only to be thwarted by the weather and poorly throats! When the morning of the session arrived I headed out to get my hair cut, not especially for the session but for just a trim! Anyway, as I got into the car the heavens opened and it chucked it down with rain! As I drove in the rain I thought to myself ‘this is going to be interesting weather to film a session in!’. After my haircut I contacted the tall trees guys and checked out how they were. They were already at the location so we had to make the best of the weather!

When we arrived it was one of those funny situations that sometimes happens in music. I had been in touch with the guys for a while but I had no clue what they looked like! It’s one of the handy things of me often wearing my hat, people recognise me and come and introduce themselves. Who knows what will happen when I don’t wear my hat, anyway I digress!


So we headed over to a muddy section on the park, walking very carefully to ensure we didn’t slip over and fall flat on our backsides. That might have made a good comedy video but not a good live session! Haha!


Now this was an EXTREMELY cold day and I mean EXTREMELY (do you see the capital letters I’ve used!). After the first song my fingers started feel really rather numb and after the third and final song they really were frozen, no really!! Look…


So after the session we walked over to the park cake and promptly ordered a coffee and panini, the coffee was mainly to hold and encourage the feeling back into my fingers! We chatted and enjoyed being in the warm. The Tall Trees guys are lovely and very passionate about what they do. I hope you enjoy the session track below.