News Update: Album 2 is complete and a new EP

October 3, 2018
It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well here’s a little update on all things Stylusboy.
After a lot of sweat (and maybe a small amount of blood and tears) I have now completed my second album which is am incredibly proud of. It is fully mixed and mastered and I am now planning for the release of this in 2019. It feels like a lovely progression from the first album and I am really looking forward to you hearing it.
In the meantime I have been planning on releasing an EP of reworked songs from my first album, ‘Hospitality for Hope’. It’s nearly five years since my first album came out and the songs have really developed as I have played them live so I think it will be an interesting idea to revisit and capture these songs now.  So watch this space for news on the EP.