News Update: Hope EP – A collection of revisited songs

November 30, 2018
Time for a drum roll please… I am excited to share a new release with you – Hope EP – A Collection of Revisited Songs.
Thanks so much to my mailing list subscribers for letting me know which songs they’d like to me to revisit from my first album for this EP. After they replied to me I decided on five tracks to record in my home studio The Truffle Room. The guitar parts and main vocal are recorded completely live in mostly one take, apart from one of the songs which I actually had to completely relearn (I will let you guess which one it is!) with the backing vocals recorded afterwards. I am putting this out as a digital only ‘pay what you want’ on Bandcamp which means you can download it for free or you can pay any amount you’d like to. I will release this on Spotify and iTunes etc at later point but for now this is available only available on Bandcamp. My idea for this EP is share my current solo sound with you and I would massively appreciate you sharing my music with your friends to help me grow a larger audience ready for the release of my second album next year. A special thanks to my lovely creative friend Jess Morgan for creating the cover image artwork.