January 14, 2015

At the end of last year I was been thinking about creating a project that I could work on alongside I writing and recording my second album and so I have come up with (drum roll please)… The Duvet Collection. No, I have not become a duvet designer or gone into interior design! The Duvet Collection will be 12 covers songs. I am going to record one every month and then release it as a free download on Soundcloud and Bandcamp on the 12th of every month during 2015. I have always enjoyed working on covers, figuring them out and changing them about. Some of these recordings will be me and my guitar recorded live and some might be me trying a few different things, we shall see. These will be give me a chance to try out things for my album.

Why The Duvet Collection?! Well… duvet as in cover, collection of cover songs, so The Duvet Collection (I am arty aren’t I?!) I hope you enjoy these covers and it would be brilliant for you to join me with this project. Word of mouth and sharing online really helps build my audience so this project is a great chance for you to do this with me. The songs will be on Bandcamp as a free downloads in exchange for an email address.

I have always loved 500 Miles and last year I heard Sleeping at Last’s version and fell in love with his cover. So I guess my first cover for you is a cover of a cover. The actual recording is the first take I did, I was purely testing out the levels and placement of the mics but when I listened back I was really happy with it so this is me live in one take.

Please do share this via the Soundcloud link on Facebook, Twitter and any blogs. The cover image is of my Grannie and Grandpa’s (both who are sadly no longer with us) old bedroom curtains which my clever wife is turning into new creations in our home and thought it would be a nice image to use.