September 5, 2013

We have managed to blog about our Greenbelt Festival adventure…

We have been booked for Greenbelt 2013 for a little while and I was pretty excited as I was going to be taking Mrs Stylus and my Stylus kids (this was to be their first festival actually camping!). We arrived on the Thursday and pitched our tents (a boy’s one and a girl’s one!) in a lovely little spot. I then headed off to the first show of the weekend for all the hard working volunteers who help run the festival. As this was the day before the festival actually started I had been asked to bring my own amp and bits. It was a skilful operation pushing my amp and carrying my guitar, bag, guitar stand and mic stand. I didn’t drop any of it, not even once, one the way, honestly!?! I met up with Linda, who looks after the volunteers and set up my stuff. The venue filled up nice and quickly with enthusiastic people who were excited about the next few days. It was lovely to meet many of the people who work really hard on the festival all year.

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After a few short talks and announcements I played three songs which went down well. It was great fun and thank you to everyone who came to chat afterwards. I managed to get the gear back to the car and then headed back to the Stylus camp! Here is the gear back at the car:

photo 2 (1)

My other half and I arrived at Cheltenham Racecourse for Greenbelt festival at around 7pm on Friday. Desperately trying to beat the biblical deluge that had been forecasted hours earlier (those who attended Greenbelt last year will appreciate my concern at a few spots of rain!) we speedily unpacked the tent and put it up in staggering record time, receiving congratulations from our fellow weekend transients! After all that…it didn’t even rain! Not one tiny bit of precipitation to be seen!

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We headed into the main area to have a pre-gig pint and meet Steve, before locating the Centaur for our first gig. Last Orders is, as you would expect, the last event on the programme each day at Greenbelt. The room it’s held in is huge, housing around 2500-3000 people when packed to the rafters. My pre-gig pint served me well however and together with the lovely, ever helpful hosts, I actually hit the stage very relaxed! Steve and I were asked to perform 2 songs, We chose Lantern and Hold My Hand. The sound was beautiful, the lights were bright (convincing me that we weren’t playing to our biggest ever audience, as I couldn’t see them!) and our two little songs seemed to go down really well. It was a fantastic opportunity and experience! Quite a few people from last orders came to see us at gigs he next day too…so I guess we did something right hey?!


We got to the Performance Cafe venue about 11am and met up with the lovely crew. They really are a helpful and friend bunch of people. Roger, the venue manager, has a really passion for music. They pick the music they play before each artist carefully! (ours was Ghost Town by The Specials – a Coventry reference.). We were able to set up on stage nice and quickly and Nick on sound was brilliant at getting the levels spot on. I was slightly concerned by the large post holding up the tent which was close to the end of my guitar. I was concerned because I do remember many years ago bashing a bass guitar into a similar one when I played in a previous band! Thankfully everything was fine and I didn’t bash into it! Anyway, the show was lovely. The audience were lovely and we were very humbled by all the cheering and whooping! We played a bunch of songs from the album and a few older ones too. Beyond the Flags was fun to play with everyone joining in with the end of the song. Thank you to everyone who came. We had a wonderful time.


After playing at the Performance Cafe we were asked to play a couple of songs for the festival Operations Team. These are the people who work really hard over the weekend to ensure everything runs smoothly so they don’t to see much of the music. It was all rather top secret! We went to the Programming office for 2pm and then were taken to a room where the meeting was going to happen. The funny thing about the room was that all the windows had foil covering them up, no, not because of some nuclear fallout but because over the weekend the life drawing classes were taking place in the room! Thankfully we were not required to take our clothes off! We played a couple of songs, said our thank yous and then headed off to GMusic to play our third show of the day…

The Gmusic gig was a more intimate affair , in massive contrast to the 3000 strong audience the night before. We played a full set and really enjoyed meeting some people afterwards at the CD signing! If you dropped on to buy our CD or say hello, thank you! You certainly made our weekend at Greenbelt one to remember!

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It was a brilliant weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. All the different performances were very special and meeting many different people was great. We sold out of Whole Picture EP and the hand drawn copies of Lantern EP. Thank you Greenbelt Festival 2013, you were lovely! Here is a video of Lantern from the Performance Cafe: