May 28, 2013


A couple weekends ago I headed over to one my favourite venues (THE GLEE CLUB in Birmingham) to see PAPER AEROPLANES as part of their Little Letter Tour. The Glee is a a lovely place. The staff are welcoming from the off as they don’t print tickets, you just give in your name at the door, look you up and then welcome you! It is great! It is a great size venue too. We headed upstairs and chatted to John Parker. John plays double bass with Paper Aeroplanes, as he has our album we are currently making. Anway, it was great to chat to him and catch up.

The venue filled up nicely and there was a lovely chilled vibe. Paper Aeroplanes were stunning. The band played a blinder and this album is showing a slightly harder edge to their sound. The electric guitar vibes that Rich is now creating add a lovely warmth to the songs. As ever Sarah’s vocasl are impeccable. Singing to Elvis is, for me, the stand out track on the new album because the chorus line is just beautiful.  Thank you Glee Club and Paper Aeroplanes for another wonderful night.