February 8, 2015

I take lots of photos on my phone. Some are documenting my life, some my music and some are things I see that I think are beautiful. I share alot of these online through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr but I thought I would start a monthly photo blog to share with you too. So below is the first of my photo posts. I use various apps to edit the photos but I think my favourite at the moment is the VSCOCAM App. Do have a look if you are a photography fan.

stylusboy-january-photos.jpg  stylusboy-january-photos.jpg

Vegan date and nut bar I made. My recording set up in The Truffle Room (my studio).

stylusboy-january-photos.jpg A brilliant wall near to where I live.

stylusboy-january-photos.jpg  stylusboy-january-photos.jpg

The amazing carpet that was in every room in our house when we bought it. Sutton Park Sunday afternoon walk.

  stylusboy-january-photos.jpg    stylusboy-january-photos.jpg     stylusboy-january-photos.jpg

Mine and Mrs Stylus new bedroom. Green Tea @ Ego. New mini flyers.


Frozen garden table.


Oscar has been working hard this month.