April 13, 2015

A slightly delayed ‘March in Photographs’ post as April has been really rather busy. So here is it…We start with a photograph taken in the War Memorial Park on a early morning bike ride. My label boss Polly went down the Independent Label Record Fair to sell albums (the one of Polly isn’t taken by me.). I have continued to go running, although not as much as I would like. I went to see She Makes War at Ort Cafe in Birmingham which was brilliant. I have seen a number of lovely sunsets. I went to the Big Comfy Bookshop in Coventry to see Jess Morgan play. Jess stayed over at my house and we wrote a song together. I watched the Eclipse. I made lots of lovely veggie meals. I put up some new images in our bedroom. I went out on a lovely walk with my family.

stylusboy-march-2015-11.jpg stylusboy-march-2015-10.jpg stylusboy-march-2015-3.jpgstylusboy-march-2015-9.jpg stylusboy-march-2015-8.jpg stylusboy-march-2015-7.jpg stylusboy-march-2015-5.jpgstylusboy-march-2015-6.jpg  stylusboy-march-2015-4.jpg stylusboy-march-2015-2.jpg stylusboy-march-2015-1.jpg stylusboy-march-2015.jpg