May 19, 2013


It was Friday night and time for another online gig for RIGHT CHORD MUSIC HANGOUT SESSIONS. Having recently moved house I haven’t had time sort out my studio space completely yet so the room is still full of rather alot of boxes! I set myself up and got ready for the soundcheck with Mark. It all sounded good and it was lovely to finely meet (virtually!) DAUGHTERS OF DAVIS. I popped off to make a cup of lemon and ginger tea and get a biscuit! At 9pm we hit the button and went live. I played ‘Eyes Form Tears’, ‘Love’s Tale’ and ‘Goodbye Day’ all of which will be on our album. I was pleased with how I played and enjoyed pushing the new songs. I did manage to start ‘Goodbye ‘Day’ with my capo in the wrong place which was rather comical! Anyway, the banter and chat was great. You can watch the session below and do keep checking as we have something special planned for the next one!