March 10, 2012

I have also been interviewed three times recently, REDWOOD PHOTOGRAPHY talked to me at my recent Warwick Arts Centre show, the wonderful HEADPHONAUGHT NANOLOG have featured me in their Seven Questions feature and finally I have talked to my lovely record label LAZY ACRE RECORDS about house shows.

Also couple of reviews of the Warwick Arts Centre gig have also been published from ALT SOUNDS and COUNTERACT MAGAZINE who said:

“The charm of this live gig was the accomplished vocal harmonies of Jones and Grisedale which rang out over Jones’s simple guitar accompaniment.”

Finally I have also recently picked up a couple of lovely reviews of FOUR WALLS, my live house show album. The first from THE SPOON PLAYER which you can read HERE. The second coming from GLASGOW PODCART who said:

“The production isn’t really the important part of this album though, that would be the songs. Without exception they are very good. Jones manages to eke out lots of emotion from his words, through both his voice and his lyrics. He has a good, solid voice that can sit low and tug the heartstrings or soar to heights that take you with him. is accompanying guitar work is also excellent.”