April 21, 2012

I have written this second blog post for Record Store Day 2012 for the Echos and Dust Music Blog

In our RSD posts so far we’ve largely looked at what record shops mean to the punter, the enthusiast and the fanboi. In this piece, Steve ‘Stylusboy‘ Jones gives us the view from the inside.

While I was at Univeristy I worked in a record shop in Coventry called Spinadisc. I had been a customer in the shop since before my voice had broken and I remember being pretty excited when I got a Saturday job! Every Saturday I was picked up by a guy called Matt just down the road from where I was living and drove to the shop which was in the city centre. I remember one of my first jobs every week was to go through all the albums to make sure they were in the correct place and were looking all smart! What a brilliant first job, looking through all the albums, including the new releases to see what I wanted to buy! Brilliant! Once the shop opened it was always fun serving people, particularly the regular customers. Sometimes people would come in and ask us about a song they had heard (this was before the days of the Shazam app). Matt always loved this as he would play along, pretending not to know just so the customer had to attempt to sing the song to us all! We usually knew what it was and were able to point them to the right album or single.

In Spinadisc none of the CDs were in their packets on the shop floor, they were stored behind the counter under catalog number. This meant very quickly I became a record catalog number geek! Another interesting time was one Christmas when our computer till system stopped working! This meant we had to write all our receipts by hand and use calculators to work out the money! Thankfully this only lasted about half an hour as it was pretty stressful!

The end of the day always meant cleaning the shop and usually I was the boy with the vacuum which was probably the worst bit of the day! Once the shop closed I often went and chose the CDs I wanted to get for myself. More than once I must have put nearly my entire days wages back in the till buying new releases! It was a great job. Record shops are special places. If you have never bought a record from a record shop, I mean a real record shop, not a supermarket to buy records, then go. It is brilliant and the people are always lovely. Happy Record Store Day everyone.